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Who Is Montesorri and What Kind of Education is it?

In recent days, I was often heard about Montessori. Many parents and me my self wondering of what kind of this Montessori method, and after then I'm started digging the information. What is this Montessori education, how it works, what is the logic behind it ?.

As many mothers want to teach positive value for their children, I'm start to learning this Montessori Method,  and of course I did not want to make mistakes while explain it to my children. The first impression while digging the information about this Montesorri Education is I'm very happy that I find some method that can teach our children exactly how the discipline of positive thinking and other positive values can become character building for child in early learning stage.

As a result of my research I have collected information about Montessori, and I wanted to share this article to you all. Before the continuation of my post I also would like to mention that I have read so many blog sites that I have visited and liked it so much, and I thought I saved the underlying data. Instead of doing your own research, I offer you my comments on whether additional. I hope you liked and mothers like me can apply this Montessori Method. 

Who is Montessori

Actually Montessori is a person name. Maria Montessori is a last name of an Italian Lady, she is a Professor that has developed an educational "philosophy" is known as the Montessori Educational System.
Maria Montessori
Maria Montessori

When I read books about Montessori, Montessori in person actually have tragic life story. Maria Montessori, born in 1870 in Italy Europe, in the darkest period of his life living in Italy and as a women that excluded from education at that time, but whether all of these exclusionary attitudes she persist to continue to get the an education. She is the first pedagogue female doctor in Italy. After that she continue her education in Roma until she got the Professor title in the medicine faculty of the University of Rome. At that time she help a large number of poor children without getting money, and while treating all children, she recognized the as the women for amazing potential.
The first children's home in Rome established in 1907, the appropriate size of the home is actually small and main activity at that time some children are built bowls. She's brought in by the hands of knives, carpenters built a small sized desk chairs. Children by identifying their areas of work given to them mats suitable for children Montessori environment, etc. and by observing them laid the foundation stone of an education system occurred. Maria Montessori, talk about the stages of children's development. Very sensitive to the child's learning at every stage and there are a sensitive periods. In this period, children must be thought that the natural learning requirements of the external factors without being forced to learn.

How Montesorri System Works

Today, Montessori has gained a worldwide reputation and trust. Montessori mother managed to attract the attention of all walks of life, all the energy spent to promote their own schools, and even in this cause left the profession of medicine. Worked tirelessly on behalf of children's intellectual evaluation of their potential .

Thanks to its methods of self-confidence at the mothers, self-confident, responsible to educate a generation the positive values.
Montessori Methods for Children and Toddler
Montessori Methods for Children and Toddler

This system is for parents and children to respect the personality of each child as an individual with its own development and teaches them how they can learn according to their capacity. This system is for children to develop independent behaviors and thoughts, and most importantly, able to see the daily activities on their own to increase their self-confidence and self-respect. Montessori trained within a child, a sense of responsibility, love of learning, practical intelligence and enhanced with an independent personality, a character that is garnering the admiration of everyone. The correct application of Montessori training classes are taught at home, but this does not mean that can be used in the other environment. Providing a pleasant environment for children and something needs to be done on a regular basis to ensure that play to work freely, so that you can see the children develop self-confidence incredibly. Montessori system arrangement and layout encourages children to be disciplined and independent.

Parents must remove the following protection shields now, let our kids doing their favor by keeping it under control, to be protected actually can interfere with the development of the personal or their skills. If we just put the fish in front of our child, that child will never learn to fish. First, teach him to fish, you need to encourage them. Montessori philosophy lies at the heart of the word may we are become can become good parents

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